Useful Links

When you have new computer or regularly use your computer, there are some features that might challenge you or you are just a computer fanatic. This is why it is necessary to know where to always access useful information on computers any time you require. There are some useful links that provide solutions to some of the major problem that PC users face. Some of the main links to check out include;

File hippo


The site mainly deals with programs. From, you will be able to access any type of program you require. They have a collection of both free and priced computer programs. It is one of the best places to get programs.



This is one of the most recognized site in the computer industry. They address all issues dealing with computers. This include rating and testing of various computers as well as helping you solve some common PC problems. All your issues will be addressed once you visit the site.



Rated as the best computer site by various websites, it one of the places to ask for solutions to certain PC programs. Apart from that, you will also get various wallpapers and themes to make your PC look amazing.


antivirus insider

This website providers reviews and exclusive tutorials about antivirus programs. They have rated best computer security blog by PCMAG. As well as helping you solve some common PC problems.



For those that constantly download programs, this is one of the best sites to try out. The site has various programs for almost all operating systems from computer security to games.



Most people have heard or visited the site. They offer various programs as well as guides on how to solve various computer problems. CNET goes the extra mile to review and compare programs as well as devices. This the most comprehensive PC site to try out.