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Bitdefender Antivirus and other anti-malware programs from the same title are currently topping most of the AV Test lists, or at least it is found in the top three list of such programs. That being said, people is putting great trust in Bitdefender antimalware programs. This actually raises the interest bar in many people to try out Bitdefender programs for the first time, but the somewhat higher price tag might still scare them away.

Here’s an explanation of why the pricing isn’t really much comparing to what it provides to the users, and some ways of availing legit discounts on Bitdefender antivirus product purchase.

Bitdefener 2016 Antimalware Program Pricing

Bitdefender programs have a wider range of lineup for different types of consumers, hence everyone would be able to find a pack that better suites them. However, there’s an absolutely free Bitdefender Antivirus as well, which is the most basic virus protection for a computer without the much needed advanced features, but the core antivirus is exactly the same as the paid modules of Bitdefender programs.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 is the most popular edition of these programs because people love having the maximum level of protection at minimum hassle, Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 best fits that category. For a single license purchase, the product would cost $59.95 per year; and $79.95 for three licenses. On the other hand, with Bitdefender Total Security suite the cost for single license would be $69.95 per year, and for 3 licenses the price is $89.95 per year.

If you are not interested in a full-fledged security suite like these two mentioned above, you can already save some bucks officially even without a discount. The Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016 is available for $39.95 for a single license, yearly and for three licenses the cost would be $59.95 per year.

Pros and Cons of the Bitdefender Free Antivirus

If the pricing doesn’t look much friendly, you could opt for the free version. It is available for download at Bitdefender website and no licensing is required. However, there are few cons which, that’s what users sacrifice for a free security program.

There wouldn’t be a manual antivirus scanning using the free Bitdefender antivirus. In order to scan a specific file or folder, right clicking on it and selecting Bitdefender scan is the only option to manually scan a file or folder. There’s no such option from inside the actual Bitdefender free antivirus interface.
There’s an automated protection enabled in the background that goes by the name Autopilot. This feature keeps an eye on the prying programs that might try to invade a computer. This feature is available on the Bitdefender free edition as well, hence this be a great option for no money at all.

Coupon Codes

At this season when holidays are all showing up and new versions of every security program are populating the cyberspace, Bitdefender like all these companies would engage plenty of affiliates to get more consumers into using their products. Hence, every willing consumer should keep an eye as such discounts are usually offered in greater numbers, ranging between 25% and 75%.


There are many ways to save money on Bitdefender purchase, all one has to do is to keep the eyes open for floating opportunities.

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