Does your Mac need an Antivirus?

Macintosh computers are computers from Apple, they bear a different title and different OS, a slightly different hardware ecosystem as well. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Macintoshes are the best devices out there, especially in current times when the Windows counterparts are certainly getting better; the competition is strong.

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However, the common question with many new Mac users is – does the Macintosh ecosystem ever catch a virus? Is it necessary to install an anti-malware program in Macintosh like it is in Windows? Should I be getting an antivirus program for my Macintosh? And this list would never end.

Macs are Considered Safer because…

Usually, Macs are considered safer and stable than the Windows platform, and they could remain that way even without third party dedicated anti-malware programs. When a programmer creates a creepy intruding program for computer users, they are least likely to target the Mac users because they occupy a really little share of the entire computer user population and typically, their efforts are all going to go in vein, totally. Thus, Mac isn’t really in the hit list of the hackers, but that doesn’t really ensure total security in Macintosh computers. Because even though the market share is tiny, that’s basically a rich community who could possess data of high value, and being able to get through the backdoor could buy a hacker a fortune for their lifetime.

Apple’s Protective Measures for Macintosh

Apple has taken the increasing risk of malware attack on Macintosh ecosystem into concern and has been working on developing protective measures for quite a long time now. Gatekeeper happens to be one tool Apple has developed to keep an Apple computer safe. Gatekeeper blocks an app at the very initial stage, before it even gets published on the App Store. If a software doesn’t get an approved digital signature from Apple, it couldn’t be running on a Mac computer without the user’s active consent. This way, a harmful program can’t get installed on your computer system without letting you know.

Mac Ransomware

Until March 2016, Mac users didn’t have any striking reason to worry about. However, March of this year, Apple had encountered its first ransomware and due to the operating structure of Mac OS, the situation is worse in Macs when ransomwares hit, than the Windows platforms. Thus, Mac had to give their computer security new thoughts. What raged more fear was, this Ransomware spread through Apple’s very own torrent client Transmission.


Apart from this ransomware, Macs do go through few security issues like SSL bug, Gotofail Error etc. All of these issues are concerned with security and makes the users think – whether they should get an anti-malware program for their Macintosh.

Antivirus Programs for Mac

Given all the security scenario above, we could safely say that if you use your Macintosh for highly sensitive data, getting an antivirus could be wise. For general users with regular data privacy level, security might not become a concern though. Pretty much every major security company are now developing antivirus programs for Macintosh platform as well.


If you are having dilemmas regarding the issue, you could always ask the Apple Customer Support for help. Also, plenty of tutorials on the internet would be able to help you out.

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