The world today revolves around computers. Not each and every person has the expertise to solve computer problems. This is what motivated me towards writing computer related blogs. I have the relevant knowledge in I.T to help all my readers with some of the problems they may be facing. I know the main areas that most people need assistance on. Due to this, each and every individual will be able to benefit from my blogs.

Cyber security is one of the most important areas when dealing with computers. This is why some of my blogs are dedicated towards helping my readers be able to remain protected both from viruses as well as hackers. This is just one of the various methods that my readers benefit from my blog posts. In order to better my services I provide the readers with links on where they can get further information on the specific topics.

By having some level of experience in the I.T industry as a former Microsoft engineer, all my blog articles are well researched and my readers are assured of working solutions to their problems. In order to better serve my readers, I highly encourage them to ask questions or posts problems that they may need assistance on. The main objective of this blog is to inform and I aim at meeting this objective by regularly posting new content.