5 essential tips to avoid getting attacked by hackers


Cyber-crimes has really increased in the recent years. This means that you need to ensure that you try all methods possible to ensure that you do not become a victim of these hackers. Hackers are highly skilled individuals that have the ability to access your information without permission. There are some tips that one should try out in order to avoid being hacked. Some of the main tips include;

Get basic knowledge on hacking methods

The best way to ensure that you are always protected, is by learning on the various methods that hackers use to access your information. Basic knowledge of this methods will be highly beneficial when it comes to protection.

Avoid using the same passwords

In the world today we have to register in basically everything that we get involved with online. This means that a password is necessary for your own protection. It is advisable to avoid using the same passwords for all your accounts. In fact if it is possible to set a totally different password for your social media sites is highly recommended. Apart from having different passwords, try to avoid common or easy guess passwords.

2 step verification

Most websites have a two-verification method when accessing your account. This allows the owner to be able to know when a person is trying to access their account. If this option is possible in any site that you register on try as much as possible to activate it.

Malware detection programs


Some hackers tend to install a spyware program on the victims computer so that they can easily know your password each time you use it. Ensure that you install a malware detection program so as to detect and delete the presence of such programs in your computer.

Wi-Fi networks

Some hackers tend to create fake Wi-Fi networks in order to access your information. Ensure that you ask the owner if the Wi-Fi is original. Apart from this, ensure that you forget the public or unknown networks once you are done. This allows you to avoid being connected automatically in the presence of the network.

With these tips you will be able to protect yourself from hackers. There are several other tips that you should making a point of researching on.

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